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Do you need support to focus on health and mom/life balance?

Brumberry is my nutrition and lifestyle coaching practice for moms in Austin.

I’m a mom of twins and I can tell you firsthand, it’s not an easy feat being a parent. You become the ultimate multi-tasker juggling everything thrown your way, while striving to provide the very best care for your family.

There’s no doubt your little ones take priority, but it’s also incredibly important YOU get some TLC to stay healthy, happy and lets be honest, sane!

That’s where I come in! I will help you find the healthy path that is right for you and your family as you navigate the wild adventures of motherhood.

Meet Natalie
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Natalie Drugan

I’m a mom who wants the absolute best for my family. I’m also a nutrition and lifestyle health coach dedicated to helping moms make healthy choices centered around clean food, toxic-free environments and happy living.

I received my nutrition health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, the world’s largest nutrition school. As a Certified Nutrition Health Coach, I studied over 100 dietary theories and learned from world-renowned experts and doctors including Andrew Weil, MD, Walter Willet, MD, Mark Hyman, MD and Deepak Chopra, MD.

I’m board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Additionally, I received my BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University.

How can I help you?

My Approach

My Approach

I avoid “one-size-fits-all” diets and lifestyle approaches, as we all have different factors and situations that affect our health; these include age, genetics, environment, career, activity level, family dynamic, relationships and personal preferences.

Instead, I simply listen to your unique family situation, identify where we need to focus our attention, and develop a plan that will help you achieve your health goals. We will work together to help you find a balance between your diet and lifestyle.


I will work with you to make significant, yet manageable, improvements and additions to your diet, specifically focused on clean, nourishing foods. You will become more conscious of the foods you and your family eat as well as the overall affects they have on your mind, body and sanity.


To achieve optimal health, you must feed your body and soul. I will help you find healthy foods that nourish your body, alongside a lifestyle that supports healthy eating habits. For example, does stress cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep prevent you from exercising? We will focus on all areas of your life (diet, exercise, family dynamics, career, and relationships) to determine how they affect your overall health and well-being.

My Services

1:1 Health Coaching

I offer 3- and 6-month coaching programs. We will work together to customize a plan that helps you reach your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, cook more nutritious meals at home, find more balance in your daily routine or to simply find more ways to focus on “you.”

Leading Workshops

I offer group workshops in which I can tailor my focus based on your organization’s interests and needs. I will work with schools, family-focused organizations, wellness centers, non-profits, etc.

Sample workshops include: Reading and Interpreting Food Labels, Cooking Healthy Meals for Kids, Unlocking Sugar Truths and Addictions, Spicing up your Life and Organics 101.


I lead talks, educational lectures and motivational speeches. I’m incredibly passionate about motherhood, clean food, sustainability, healthy living and personal development. Im excited to share my knowledge, experiences and tips to help inspire others.


I contribute expert content on an array of topics (e.g., nutrition, healthy living, sustainability, motherhood) for columns, guest blog posts and print and online publications. I’m an avid blogger, writer and social media contributor. I love to document my experiences and share my knowledge with others.

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