A Hoarder’s Nightmare: Declutter

A few weeks ago, I purged everything in our house. I literally threw as much out of my closet, kitchen and bathroom as I possibly could! A hoarder would have had a heart attack by the mass exodus of my “stuff.” I have to admit, I was shocked myself.This was not only spurred by the new year but also from the book, The Happiness Project. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

In the book, the author talks about the stress of having too many choices that often bring us unnecessary anxiety. The solution was to eliminate choices/options that are not offering value. Insert every article of clothing that I continually bypass and never wear, accessories that have been holding my jewelry box hostage and the “junk” that never had a reason to occupy my home in the first place. Rather than agonizing over these irritating choices, I removed them all together.

What an amazing relief! I’m already seeing the difference in how I feel. I save time by not having to dig through endless crap (yes, it was crap) and I get right to business with my realistic options. I also have more space and everything feels clean and organized just like the Container Store (okay, not really, but one can dream…). The icing on the cake, I feel good about giving my stuff away to Goodwill, so someone else can make better use of it. As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

I shared this experience with one of my friends and she mentioned she recently did the same thing. Her greatest moment was finally giving away the haunting pair of jeans that she hadn’t been able to get into for years. She didn’t need the constant reminder that put her in a perpetual bad mood. She also knew she could always buy a new pair of jeans, regardless of the size.

Moral of the story: Get rid of those choices that are bogging you down. It’s amazing how a clean, welcoming environment can translate into a clear, positive mindset.

What type of stuff is occupying your home and mind? How would you feel if these choices were gone?

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