A Garden Party of Local Goodness – Why Local?

Last weekend, I attended a local-themed garden party; the event brought locals together to share their locally grown food, to show their support for their growing community garden, and to learn about the benefits of eating local food. The garden party kicked off with a social potluck, which included garden-fundraising, wood-fired brick oven pizza topped with fresh veggies directly from the community garden.

Local EventWhile eating all the local goodness, we heard from special guests, Kathryn Hutchison from Greenling and Valerie Broussard, a local food source consultant. They both spoke about the benefits of eating local food:

  1. Traceability: You know where your food is coming from. No guesswork required.
  2. Freshness: It’s not traveling for days or miles before it hits your plate; it’s as fresh and tasty as it comes!
  3. Variety: It exposes you to a wide variety of foods specific to your location.

Here are a few other benefits that I personally love about local food:

  1. Community GardenSupports your local farmers and community (i.e., it keeps them on their land and in business)
  2. Encourages you to eat foods in season, which helps keep your body in balance
  3. Preserves the environment (i.e., reduces carbon footprint by limiting the distance food travels)

Staying with the local theme, Kathryn provided an overview of Greenling, Austin’s “online grocery store specializing in home delivery of local and certified-organic food.” Greenling buys directly from local, sustainable farmers. They are most known for their green local box, which includes a selection of seasonal produce (that varies week to week) and recipe ideas.

Greenling Local Box

I’m a big fan of Greenling! As a mom of twins, Greenling has been a great option for me. In fact, it was a huge lifesaver when my boys were newborns as I could rarely leave the house. The green bin on my doorstep meant I had real, wholesome, local food ready and available for my family.

We ended the day of local goodness with a stroll around the beautiful organic, community garden. Green, greens everywhere! What a beautiful sight! It was also great to see all the proud and happy gardeners!

Do you buy local food or have a garden of your own? Share your experiences below.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the write up. I’m sure your boys will enjoy the best wholesome food this earth has to give. Next time, I’ll make you any pizza you want. Glad to have you as a neighbor!

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