A Letter to 100 Days of Real Food

To the 100 Days of Real Food Team,

Word on the produce aisle is you’re looking for additional help to grow and expand your mission on cutting out processed food via your blog and other exciting projects that are awaiting launch.Fruits and Veggies in Basket

It just so happens I’m a mom who is not only fighting the same fight as you with my own children, but I’m also dedicated to helping moms create a healthier lifestyle for their children and themselves through my nutrition and lifestyle coaching practice. In addition, I have a strong online marketing background to help elevate and expand this important message.

I’m incredibly passionate about educating the every day mommy shopper and equipping them with the information they need to make healthy and informed decisions. And, I’m fed up with the misleading food manufacturers who are marketing anything but real food. I feel power in numbers is what elevates a purposeful mission and invokes change.

So, lets work together! I want to help strengthen your mission and help you further succeed. I want to ensure future generations are healthier. I want to make waves that cut the rates of childhood obesity and other food-related diseases. I want a future filled with overwhelming amounts of real food, not processed food! I want healthy and happy children across the nation!

I submitted my web site application and answered your questions, which include my credentials as well as my extensive marketing qualifications.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope to join your team!


Natalie Drugan

Certified Nutrition Health Coach, Mom and Advocate for Clean Food, Sustainability and Animal Welfare