Brumberry Blindfolded Food-Tasting Challenge

5 Fun and Healthy Eating Ideas for Kids During a Pandemic

As a certified nutrition health coach and a mom, I’m NOT here to preach how I eat perfectly 100% of the time and how my children are the healthiest eaters on the planet, particularly during a pandemic. NOPE. I’m continually … Read More

Do you Need a Wellness Writer or Nutrition and Lifestyle Contributor

Is your organization or company looking for a thought leader or content contributor in the nutrition and lifestyle space? If so, check out my services and contact me on my homepage. Below are examples of my thought leadership and writing: … Read More

10 Easy-To-Pack Healthy Snacks

10 Easy-To-Pack Healthy Snacks Featured on HumanN

I had the opportunity to share my favorite healthy on-the-go snacks with Austin-based HumanN, the leader in Nitric Oxide research and the company behind the products BeetElite, HeartGreens, Neo40 and SuperBeets. As featured on the HumanN website: 10 Easy-To-Pack Healthy Snacks, … Read More

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Enjoy More than 25 of My Nutrition and Lifestyle Blog Posts Featured on

It’s been a busy, exciting and fun couple of months. I’ve been coaching wonderful new clients who are already making many positive changes to their diet and lifestyle. They’re truly inspiring! And, I’m enjoying sharing my expertise as the nutrition … Read More

Eating while Traveling

My Interview on Eating while Traveling Featured in BusinessInsider and TravelZoo

Do you struggle with finding healthy food while traveling? Check out my interview featured in BusinessInsider, written by Kelsey Rexroat at TravelZoo: The Best and Worst Things to Eat While Traveling (Copied below for your convenience) Traveling can open you … Read More

Fruits & Veggies: More Matters

4 Tips to Increase Fruit & Vegetable Intake

I’m very excited to announce I’m the new nutrition and lifestyle blogger for Please enjoy my first blog post, which includes four ways to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Stay tuned for more health-related tips! September is known … Read More

Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan Book Event: Cooked, Paleo, Gluten, Soylent & Infant Formula

I had the great pleasure of hearing Michael Pollan speak on the last stop of his book tour for Cooked. I was extremely lucky to get a seat and book signing ticket as Michael Pollan attracts many enthusiasts; the jam-packed … Read More