What are your thoughts on the Paleo Diet?

+-*A while ago, my good friend asked me, “What are your thoughts on the Paleo Diet? ” I thought I would share my exact email response with all of you: So, here are my quick thoughts on the Paleo diet. First … Read More

Health Coaching Update and Blog Roundup

+-*Whew! It’s been a busy, exciting and fun couple of months. I’ve been coaching wonderful new clients who are already making many positive changes to their diet and lifestyle. They’re truly inspiring! And, I’m enjoying sharing my expertise as the nutrition and … Read More

Exciting News and 4 Tips to Increase Fruit & Vegetable Intake

+-*I’m very excited to announce I’m the new nutrition and lifestyle blogger for senioradvisor.com. Please enjoy my first blog post, which includes four ways to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Stay tuned for more health-related tips!

I have a mommy confession…

+-*Last New Year’s Day, I made one simple, manageable and very achievable goal (so, I thought): My Goal: Make our bed every day That’s it! How hard could this goal be? And, how life changing could it be? As a … Read More

My New Anthem: Work B**ch… Ahem, Healthy Mom! Thanks Britney…

+-*Let’s get real here. As a mom of exhausting toddler twin boys, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to needing motivation to get moving, whether it’s in the gym or on the neighborhood trail. When I need reinforcements, … Read More

A Letter to 100 Days of Real Food

+-*To the 100 Days of Real Food Team, Word on the produce aisle is you’re looking for additional help to grow and expand your mission on cutting out processed food via your blog and other exciting projects that are awaiting … Read More

Michael Pollan Book Event: Cooked, Paleo, Gluten, Soylent & Infant Formula

+-*I had the great pleasure of hearing Michael Pollan speak on the last stop of his book tour for Cooked. I was extremely lucky to get a seat and book signing ticket as Michael Pollan attracts many enthusiasts; the jam-packed … Read More

The Meatrix: Why I Finally Decided to Take the Red Pill…

+-*It wasn’t until 2009, when I finally decided to take the red pill. Let me back up. My older sister once labeled me “the blue piller;” this name stuck after she repeatedly badgered me to watch The Meatrix, a short … Read More

The Silent, Awe-Inspiring Food Artists at Zilker Garden Festival

+-*Last weekend, I went with my family to the Zilker Garden Festival. It’s a wonderful event that showcases local gardeners, different eco-societies and artisans who all have a passion for gardening and preserving the environment. We enjoyed walking through the … Read More

Snack Idea: Try My Delicious Trail Mix Mama

+-*Let’s be honest here…Mamas, you are typically always on the run achieving the highest multitasker status, whether it’s chasing after your kids, cooking meals, cleaning your home, working another day job, and/or volunteering in the community. You may not be … Read More

Brumberry’s Top REAL, Food List for Chicago

+-*I consider myself both a Texan (born and raised) and a Chicagoan after living in “the Windy City” for almost seven years. I miss it so much, particularly all the great food! Recently, a local food expert asked me for … Read More

Top 3 Non-Toxic, Non-Plastic Sippy Cups

+-*I recently posted the Environmental Working Group’s tips on how to carefully choose plastics. Example tips include avoiding toys marked with a “3” or “PVC” and containers/water bottles marked with a “7” or “PC.” Why should you be concerned about … Read More

The Natural Gardener Fairy Tale Adventure

+-*Once upon a time, in a far off land, I found myself in hill country heaven! I spent an incredibly beautiful day with my baby boys and a dear friend at The Natural Gardener, an organic gardening and sustainable living … Read More

Oh Sugar, You Truly are Bittersweet…

+-*It’s been five years since I gave up soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, and candies and sweets with high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. I went cold turkey. This abrupt dismissal was due to my nutrition education. In school, … Read More

A Garden Party of Local Goodness – Why Local?

+-*Last weekend, I attended a local-themed garden party; the event brought locals together to share their locally grown food, to show their support for their growing community garden, and to learn about the benefits of eating local food. The garden party kicked … Read More

Moms, You Can Always Start Now…

+-*  My motto and mantra is “You Can Always Start Now.“ Have you ever had a negative voice in your head that reprimands you for something you’ve done or not done? Does this voice fill you up with anxiety, put you … Read More

Follow-up: Brumberry’s No-Bake Samoa Girl Scout Inspired Recipe and Life Lessons

+-*Last week, I shared my disapproval of Girl Scout cookies due to their horrendous ingredients. I received a lot of comments on my post. One popular suggestion was to make direct donations to the Girl Scout organization vs. purchasing their … Read More

Brumberry News: New Nutrition Facts Label, New School Wellness Rules & Cancer Link to Huge Meat Recall

+-*Here is your latest food news! 1) New Proposed Nutrition Facts label: The White House and FDA announced proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label; the label has had one other change (the addition of trans fat) since its release … Read More

New Proposed Nutrition Facts Label – a Health Distraction vs. a Health Guide

+-*Yesterday, the First Lady and the FDA announced proposed updates to the Nutrition Facts label. The new label will include added sugars and certain nutrients such as Vitamin D, modifications to the servings sizes, and slight changes to the format, … Read More

Stop Buying Scary Girl Scout Cookies! I say this as a Former Girl Scout.

+-*It pains me to say this, but Girl Scout Cookies are complete and total crap. I do not recommend purchasing or eating them ever again. Okay, there. I said it. It kills me every time I pass a table of … Read More

My Top 3 Mommy Must-Have Resources

+-*Okay, let’s get right to it! Here is my top three “must-have” list for mommies. I relied on these resources while pregnant, and I continue to rely on them as my little baby boys grow up way too quickly! The … Read More

A Weed Drink for My Funny Valentine

+-*While weed is getting all the buzz these days, and it no doubt gives you a buzz, particularly for our friends in Colorado, I’m referring to another buzz-worthy weed, dandelion. It’s loaded with nutrients, it’s especially great for detoxing your … Read More

In a Juiceland Not Far Away…I got Peachy Green.

+-*We had another round of sickness hit our family. After an exceptionally long night of coughing, crying, and moaning, and an unruly morning, I was feeling like a wasted zombie. I just didn’t have it in me to rock the … Read More

Brumberry News: CVS Kicks the Habit, Dead King Amendment, & Subway – Eat Dough Conditioner Chemical?

+-*Enjoy the latest news! 1) CVS Kicks the Habit: CVS announced they will no longer be selling cancer sticks, cigarettes, and other tobacco products by October 1, 2014. This is great news and long overdue. Why is a pharmacy selling cigarettes anyway? … Read More

7 Reasons Why Homemade Baby Food is Better Than Store-Bought Food

+-*My babies are over 8 months now, and I love making their solid foods and experimenting with different flavors and food combinations. They definitely have some favorites, while others are a work in progress. My boys are identical, but their … Read More