Whew! It’s been a busy, exciting and fun couple of months. I’ve been coaching wonderful new clients who are already making many positive changes to their diet and lifestyle. They’re truly inspiring!

And, I’m enjoying sharing my expertise as the nutrition and lifestyle blogger for SeniorAdvisor.com.

Here’s a roundup of my latest posts:

apple with heart shape2016

December 2015

November 2015

October 2015

September 2015

Stay tuned for more!

Feel free to contact me about my coaching, workshops, speaking and/or writing services.

Also, drop me a line with any questions/suggestions.


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  1. Amelia

    Hi Natalie,

    We are honored to have you as our Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert at SeniorAdvisor.com! (and our readers love you, too!) Thanks so much for all the invaluable advice, and for making it so enjoyable to read 🙂

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