I have a mommy confession…

Last New Year’s Day, I made one simple, manageable and very achievable goal (so, I thought):

My Goal: Make our bed every day

That’s it! How hard could this goal be? And, how life changing could it be?

As a mom of twin boys, making the bed in the morning is not the simplest task. I have two little electrons that pop out of bed at the crack of dawn. Between their non-stop demands to eat and drink “wa wa” and their unbelievable curiosity that has me quickly corralling them out of every room before my eyes are even open, along with a persistent dog that constantly reminds me to feed her and let her outside, a husband that leaves the house before I’m awake (i.e., he can’t help make the bed in the mornings) and my own personal morning needs (ahem, can I go to the bathroom please?!!), the bed seems to come dead last in priorities.

BUT, I’m still committed.

However, I must confess that sometimes our bed may not get my attention in the morning or during day light hours. In fact, my husband caught me making the bed at 8:45PM the other night as I tried to hurriedly make it without him seeing me. Why? I was embarrassed that I was making the bed literally 5 minutes before we were going to lie down in it. He asked with a weird smirk, “Are you really making the bed right now?” My response with a smile, “Yes, that’s right. I want to go to bed in a made bed.

Why was this important to me?

To start, I wanted to try my best to stick to my goal. Second, this tiny task makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, which is even more important on days when the words “to-do list” feel like they shouldn’t exist in my vocabulary. Beyond that, a made bed makes me feel like there is order in my home despite the tiny tornadoes that hit other areas of the house. And, my favorite reason is that it makes me smile because it’s a lovely, inviting way to end the day, even on the most challenging days.

What is one tiny task that you can apply to your daily routine to increase your happiness?

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