Moms, You Can Always Start Now…


My motto and mantra is You Can Always Start Now.

Clock NowHave you ever had a negative voice in your head that reprimands you for something you’ve done or not done? Does this voice fill you up with anxiety, put you down, or make you feel guilty? I’ve certainly heard this unhelpful voice, and as a parent, I’ve noticed it only gets louder; this has become very apparent to me as I talk and bond with other moms.

I’m pretty sure we all agree moms want the very best for their children. This confusing and complex society often makes it difficult to determine what is best. I’ve never read so many conflicting arguments when it comes to raising a child. Let your babies “cry it out” and self-soothe on their own, nurture and soothe your baby to sleep, never give your baby a pacifier, pacifiers prevent SIDS, vaccinate your baby and protect them from disease, vaccinations harm your baby and cause food allergies and disease, use crib bumpers to keep your baby safe, crib bumpers contribute to SIDS. I could keep going, but my head hurts writing these conflicting examples that often lead to the negative, “uncertain” and “second-guess” voice.

Additionally, we all have different situations, lifestyles, and aspirations that play a role in our decisions and actions; these factors can increase the negative volume when they present different challenges and unexpected outcomes. The result is often a loud negative “guilt” and “inadequate” voice.

The next time you hear any type of negative voice, just shut it down and say, You can always start now.” What does this mean? Well, you can’t change the past, but you can certainly create a positive future and you can always start now, even with the smallest step forward. Here are a few examples:

  • Maybe you wish you had taken different approaches with your child. That was then. You can always start now with new approaches based on lessons learned.
  • Maybe your home environment feels like a tornado hit it. That was then. You can always start now by focusing on a certain area in your home and begin organizing it.
  • Maybe you are unhappy in a current job or with your current lifestyle. That was then. You can always start now with a new job search or small lifestyle modifications.
  • Maybe you haven’t been eating well or you haven’t worked out in months. That was then. You can always start now with a healthy meal or a quick workout.
  • Maybe you feel like you lost time with your little one due to your hectic schedule. That was then. You can always start now by planning dedicated, quality time.

As a mom, it’s so easy to beat yourself up and it’s certainly very easy to feel guilty about any situation. You can always start now by becoming your own cheerleader and adding positive experiences and changes in your life vs. dwelling on the negative. And, if you fall back, don’t worry. You can always start now.

Quick Exercise: You can always start now by focusing on the positive. Write a list of all the positive things that you’ve experienced and/or accomplished today.

Do you have a personal mantra or motto? How do you get yourself out of a negative rut?

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