My New Anthem: Work B**ch… Ahem, Healthy Mom! Thanks Britney…

Let’s get real here. As a mom of exhausting toddler twin boys, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to needing motivation to get moving, whether it’s in the gym or on the neighborhood trail.

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When I need reinforcements, Britney Spears does the trick with her techno dancing, eyebrow raising song, “Work B**ch!” This song makes me run my tail off, it helps me shed pent-up “mom frustration” AND it gets me pumped to “work,” but for completely different reasons…

No, I don’t “wanna Maserati, Bugatti or Lamborghini.” “Look hot in a bikini?” Okay, sure! But really, I wanna body that doesn’t have silent inflammation stirring up a deadly disease, such as diabetes or heart disease. I wanna have clean food that doesn’t harm my boys’ bodies. I wanna know what’s in my food and I wanna eat real food, not chemicals. So… What to do?

“Work work work work work work work work (Work!)!”

Here’s my version of Britney Spear’s, “Work B**ch.” Let’s call it “Work Healthy Mom.”

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Calling all moms! Turn up your favorite party tune and get on your feet!

Lets work together to get healthier and happier and to get access to more real, clean food in our communities. Lets spread the word that chemicals, artificial ingredients, GMOs, antibiotics and hormones are not viable, safe or healthy food additions/substitutes.

Lets work together to encourage more physical activity and to get more nutritious food on the table so our children can live healthy and happy lives vs. a lifetime of disease and disappointment AND so we can live to see them flourish in life!

Are you ready to work?

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