The Natural Gardener Fairy Tale Adventure

Once upon a time, in a far off land, I found myself in hill country heaven! I spent an incredibly beautiful day with my baby boys and a dear friend at The Natural Gardener, an organic gardening and sustainable living nursery. It’s also a beautiful destination to have lunch, relax, and enjoy nature, AND it’s a fantastic education center for your little ones! The enchanted nursery tucked away in the country reminded me of a children’s storybook; it’s filled with beautiful gardens and passageways, adorable, funny animals, and hidden swings and peaceful, almost-magical resting areas. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

Here’s a recap of our Fairy tale adventure:

We brought our lunches from home and walked through a wooded, inspirational passageway, which led us to the perfect eating spot. I love the quote, “Life’s a Journey – Enjoy it!” Ironically, we chatted about our different paths in life. We also enjoyed a rockin view (soon to be filled with spring flowers). What else would you expect in the “Live music capital of the world?”


Then, we walked through the beautiful gardens and took in all the breathtaking landscape, including the countryside view with the rainwater collection tank, the herb garden, which included kitchen and medicinal herbs, and the very Zen-like water features.


Herb Garden

Next, we visited the charming and happy farm animals, including chickens, donkeys, and goats. The mighty, vibrant rooster had some strong words for his ladies; meanwhile the sassy hens had their own agenda. The donkeys resembled giant stuffed-animals; they were not your everyday jackasses. They were irresistibly cute and friendly!




Donkey 1

We left the fun-loving animals and headed to the vegetable gardens where I found my dream homes. How wonderful would it be to have both of these charming little houses in your backyard? You could brew up some nourishing compost tea and use it to grow delicious salad greens.

tea brewery


Garden House

After our walk through garden wonderland, we had fun picking tomato, basil, and pepper plants for our own homes; we pulled them around in an adorable, timeless Radio Flyer wagon, a purchase must for my boys! And finally, we topped off our picture-perfect afternoon with a delicious, garden pop – no high fructose syrup or GMOs found here!

Mom & Pops Popsicle

What a perfect, storybook day! Now, here’s to hoping our vegetable and herb plants live happily ever after.

The End.

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