The Silent, Awe-Inspiring Food Artists at Zilker Garden Festival

Last weekend, I went with my family to the Zilker Garden Festival. It’s a wonderful event that showcases local gardeners, different eco-societies and artisans who all have a passion for gardening and preserving the environment. We enjoyed walking through the array of vendors and viewing all the beautiful plants and landscape. However, the best part of our day was our awe-inspiring lunch.

There were several tasty options, but the food tent that caught our eye was the Crepe Crazy tent. The menu screamed deliciousness! As I stood in the well-deserved line, the people cooking the food transfixed me; it was like watching a beautiful silent movie unfold with an incredible cast of gifted artists.

The “artists” were creating crepe masterpieces, while also using sign language to communicate different orders. Their process and system was amazingly smooth, efficient and peaceful; it was a meditative experience. Normally, you would hear the exact opposite from someone awaiting food at a busy, hot spot.

It was absolutely beautiful to watch. I was in complete awe…

Crepe Crazy

We ordered mouthwatering veggie-stuffed Mediterranean and Southwestern crepes, freshly squeezed lemonade (I literally watched them squeeze the lemons to make our thirst-quenching drinks), and a peanut butter, banana and honey stuffed dessert crepe. The food was so incredibly fresh! We weren’t eating a pre-made frozen or processed lunch; it was REAL local food cooked before our own eyes.


The day was complete and we were just getting started…we achieved happiness through fresh food and inspirational people.

Have you ever been to the Zilker Garden Festival or a similar festival? If so, please share your experiences below.

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